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The HVAC Smart Chip

Tired of Your Energy Bills?
According to Department of Energy 40% to 45% of total energy costs come from HVAC Systems.

The HVAC Smart Chip study commissioned by the California Utilities Commission (CEC), conducted by Pacific Gas and Electric, shows that simple changes to the way your HVAC fan works can increase the energy efficiency in your heating and air conditioning system up to 29% with an average just under 15%

By extending the fan cycle for a longer period of time after the heating and cooling cycle is complete, latent heating and cooling is captured that would have otherwise dissipated. Most manufactures of HVAC systems have no fan delay or one of additional ninety (90) seconds, but CEC studies have revealed that a longer fan cycle yields better energy efficiency.

Built with Intelligence.
The HVAC Smart Chip is a simple retrofit micro processing module that adjusts the HVAC fan to stay on for an extended amount of time after the cooling or heating unit cycles off. Most systems are designed for the fan to turn off after 90-120 seconds. It RECORDS how long the cooling or heating unit has been running and AUTOMATICALLY PROGRAMS the fan to remain on for a precise amount of extended time, thus utilizing additional heat or cold air left in the system that would have been wasted and subsequently reduces the number of times the HVAC systems cycles on/off.

• Micro processor module that monitors system run times for maximum efficiency
• Cutting edge technology tested and proven by Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Energy utilities in California with over 20 million customers.
• Compatible with any manufactured heating or cooling equipment
• Delivers the energy already created by your system that is ordinarily wasted into your home!
• The module knows how long to run the fan additionally to ensure you save money all year long!

The end result is better system efficiency, no wasted energy; reduce utility cost all while maintaining the comfort of your home.

Save Energy, Save Money, that’s SMART!

Benefits that Matter:

• 15% – 20% Average Savings on Utility Bill

• Extend the Life of your System

• Hassle Free, No Maintenance or Recurring Costs

• Compatible with all Systems and Thermostats

• Does Not Void New System Manufacture Warranty

• Annual Savings Guarantee

• 5 Year Unconditional Replacement Warranty

• 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Saving Energy in Cooling Mode.
The HVAC Smart Chip monitors how long the AC unit runs, and then automatically programs the fan to continue running until all of the cold air left in the ducts has been delivered to the rooms. The HVAC Smart Chip will allow the fan to run no more than 2 minutes additionally for every 10 minutes of run time to cool the conditioned space at the same time preventing the water from evaporating across the coil and getting the moisture back into the home. While some AC manufacturers program the fan to run for 90 seconds after the AC compressor turns off, recent testing by the California Energy Commission shows an average 14.8% improvement in efficiency with extended run time. The extended fan time reduces the number of times the AC compressor cycles on—one of the worst energy guzzlers in both commercial and residential buildings. If an HVAC unit includes a high efficiency fan motor, the savings will be higher due to lower power consumption of the fan motor.

Saving Energy in Heating Mode.
Most furnace systems operate at low-speed fan speed in heating mode. After the furnace turns off the fan continues to operate for a fixed time delay of 90 seconds or the fan continues to operate based on a temperature delay which turns off the fan when the plenum temperature falls below a control threshold of 100 to 200°F depending on whether or not the temperature delay sensor is operating or set properly. The HVAC Smart Chip provides high speed fan operation in heating mode to increase heating efficiency and reduce furnace run time. The HVAC Smart Chip monitors how long the furnace runs, and then activates the furnace fan at the end of the combustion cycle to stay on for up to 8 minutes longer. The additional fan run time extracts more heat from the furnace, resulting in less waste and less run furnace time, saving an average of 11.8% in energy costs.

The HVAC Smart Chip comes with a five (5) year unconditional replacement warranty. If for any reason the HVAC Smart Chip fails to perform within five years of purchase date we will replace for free.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee- if for any reason you are not satisfied with the HVAC Smart Chip we will remove it for free and issue a full refund.

Annual Savings Guarantee- If after 12 months you DON’T realize savings greater than purchase price we will buy the chip back.


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